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to stay on the trail might

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 first solve the problem is to identify the way, Bo village community can access only a road car, the rest of country lanes open to traffic impossible. If there is a stranger in the country to stay on the trail might be doubt, it may lead to life safety issues. ""We think one way is to upload the camera on a motorcycle conducting an investigation," said Edward Lam Chi. After that, investigators drove motorcycles shuttle on the streets of the village  nike air max 1 menscommunity Bo, Bo Village community will take the road again. Investigators put the camera captured the road and the surrounding circumstances and aerial map Bo Village community together."We will each informant drug manufacturing dens may exist where the location of the main suspects were marked on the map," Edward Lam Chi said: "Bo village community vigilance is high, every place we came close to the investigation have only one chance. the time for action, investigators are also responsible for a large force to lead the way. After comparing all the way good way to request access to the investigation investigators must firmly remember the line, especially his line to be part of the investigation. Light remember lines, players will use a full three days. "Female police investigation pretend incense densBo village community hall in the village center location,

 according to the informant notified distribution system three dens nearby. In order to get a clear idea dens exact location, Lin Yong and the other three men traveling in two motorized investigators arrived nearly investigation. This is Lin Yong Bo Village community in up to six months for the investigation of the most dangerous action once."Traffickers very alert, full of eyes and ears on a nearby road, some teens, yonike air max 90 womensung men riding a motorcycle lookout for them," said Lin Yong, who is preparing to retreat before they find out the situation, it was discovered these people. After that, a group of young men traveling in a multi-vehicle motorcycle chase to them, "We can only run in the corner near the village, we ran into two motorcycles accelerate next Li Zhilin, hiding Li Zhilin. Was 18:00 more, the light is not very good, we are in their vision dead, they did not find us after the chase, gradually pull back. "The two investigators rushed to Li Zhilin was injured in the process. In drug raid, three drug manufacturing dens detect hundreds of kilograms of methamphetamine, three large drug trafficking gangs have been destroyed.Zhu Ying

tofu, and then sold to restaurants. Newcomer to him, he just opened up a way to make a living.While starting a business, but every Chinese New Year, homesickness, let Chen tortured, but he never dared to go home.Chen said that after two months to Cambodia, computer bags and cell phone were stolen, and then had no contact with his family. He also said that he had a son, there is a 5-year-old granddaughter, "I want them, but do not knonike air max 90 hyperfuse salew how was the family now."Police told reporters that Chen was arrested after a very calm, his first words were, 'I knew this day would come. ""Foreign unstable law and order, hot weather, from foreign trade company executives to tofu workshop owner, living too much contrast. Live in Cambodia, he also had enough." Police investigators said. By weak economic data, the three major New York stock market indexes ended mixed on the 2nd, but little change.The three major indexes in 2015 opened the first trading day in 2014 fell from the last trading day in the rebound, but US manufacturing data so bearish major indexes fell back quickly, then fluctuations in negative territory, pulled up late eventually mixed at close. Traders said that as the New Year's first trading day trading volume was light, volatile market.Economic data, the US Institute for Supply Management released a report on the 2nd, in December 2014, US manufacturing consecutive 19-month expansion, but the rate of expansion continued to slow. The report shows that in December US

This tendency should be

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lawyers."All threats to attack me is why a lot of reasons for sexual assault victims to remain silent, I have in a very long period of time, do not say anything." She said, "This tendency should be changed. I do not again due to intimidation and remain silent. "2008, Epstein and a 14-year-old girl because of the occurrence of the sex trade and was sentenced to 18 months. Prince Andrew is also due to the relationship between Epstein rather controversial. Epstein, after his release, Prince Andrew was photographed with him in New York's Central Park fo  nike air max 95 cheapr a walk, and appeared in Epstein's home is located in Florida, and with his private jet travel. Andrew Epstein's ex-wife has also accepted £ 15,000 in debt. Prince Andrew in 2011 and resigned as a result of criticism of UK Trade Envoy duties. 93-year-old US Defense Department's top "strategic master" Andrew Marshall plans to retire this month. US Department of Defense released the 2nd job posting, trying to $ 180,000 for the defense hired a high participation.The US Department of Defense is the net job recruitment Assessment Office (ONA), director of a post. The agency is part of Meifang Zhang's Office, is the most important think tank within the Pentagon. The agency set up in 1973, Marshall has been working as the first director. Because of their

seniority, influence, Marshall is known as the US Department of Defense, "Yoda" (Note: the movie "Star Wars" in the peerless master).40 years, for a term Meifang Zhang another term, but Marshall's top 'strategy guru "status as a US Department of Defense has never wavered. Since starting as ONA director, Marshall has been an important architect of US defense policy. Current Deputy Defense Minister Walker, assistant secretary of defense for intelligence is Marshall's men have Wicks.According to the US Department of Defense released the 2nd job posting, "Houmaxieer era" ONA will continue as a high-level think tank, the US Defense Department, whose main function is to predict and analyze the crisis may occur and develop coping strategies. Meanwhile, the agency is also  nike air max 2014 womens   responsible for the development and assessment of the US military forces compared with other countries in individual combat capability.Job posting says, ONA Director will report directly to Meifang Zhang, deputy secretary of defense. The post of Director of salary between 121 thousand to 183 thousand US dollars.US media have pointed out that in the United States to gradually reduce

military spending in the background, ONA preserved signifying its importance. At the same time, the agency's "Marshall era" is over, the configuration funds, manpower and other aspects may face "shrink." Former US President George HW Bush's second son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's aides confirmed that Jeb Bush has resigned from all his positions in the corporate and non-profit organizations as the order to spend more time "to explore the political reunification," the feasible sex.Up to one million US dollars to give up salaryJeb Bush's aides sent to  air jordan 6 saleNew Year's Eve, "Washington Post," the email said Jeb Bush has resigned from the company in the education of "academic partner," the adviser positions. At the same time, he is also considering his education from the Foundation, he served as the main partner of some or all of the companies withdraw, including consulting firms, "Jeb Bush and partner" and business consultancy, "Britton Hill Partners" .In addition, Jeb Bush is trying resigned from the board of directors of two public companies. Most recently, he has with Barclays Bank to suspend a consultancy contract, to give up millions of
cooperate to carry out investigations on the illegal police conduct and discipline never harbored never shield their mistakes. Someone's entire case against the police

has declined to invite a lot

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dollars in annual salary.His aides said Jeb Bush wants to devote more time to explore the feasibility of the return of politics, rather than spend their energy on fulfilling business commitments.Campbell, his spokeswoman said: "Bush is probably the focus turned to the presidential campaign, but decided to withdraw from the private sector is part of this process."Potential candidates was support for the leadingJeb Bush, 61, is the second son of George HW Bush, George W. Bush's brother, from 1999 to 2007 of any Florida governor. In 2012, Jeb Bush has declined to invite a lot of Republican colleagues, did not participate in the presidential election.While obtaining his father Georg  nike air max 2015 womens  e HW Bush and George W. Bush supported his brother, Jeb Bush's recent poll also showed the support rate relative lead. "Washington Post" and ABC in December last year jointly released a potential candidate for the Republican support for the poll results show that if the former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is not running for president, then within the Republican camp Jeb Bush's highest approval rating of 15%; Senator Rand

Paul of Kentucky and Wisconsin Congressman Paul support rate was patron previously said that after the election of Jeb Bush intended to show the possibility of Romney candidates greatly reduced. James had just spent 30 birthday, he missed the past two games because of injury ball. According to James, saying that he was in January 2 officially began rehabilitation. ESPN reporter Brian famous - text Khost puliao on Twitter, James's injury is not serious, the Cavaliers just want to take this opportunity to make a 100% recovery of the body of James.James is expected to injury two weeks from the schedule point of view, during which teams will play seven games knight. nike air max tn sale     So exactly when James return it  There may be January 16, fighting off the Lakers. If Los Angeles trip absence, James might be time to return to court Jan. 20 home game against the Bulls.James had just spent 30 birthday, he missed the past two games because of injury ball. According to James, saying that he was in January 2 officially began rehabilitation. ESPN reporter Brian famous - text Khost puliao on Twitter, James's injury is not serious, the Cavaliers just want to take this opportunity to make a 100% recovery of the body of James.James is expected to injury two weeks from the schedule point of view, during which teams will play

families agreed to an autopsy as soon as possible, in order to obtain crucial evidence handling needs as soon as possible. said: "I fully understand the feelings of the victims who lost loved ones in pain, as this serious incident very angry, very severe and quick to understand we want to deal with the feelings of the people involved, but prosecutors handling the case must be legal basis. existing evidence can only crime of abuse investigation, pending autopsy results came out, if it involves intentional injury or other crimes, we will together be investigated according to law. "Why the victims have been identified over the police beat, only three of whom prosecutors for investigation Recently, Taiyuan prosecutors organization "12 * 13" cases of other victims of police workers involved in the case were identified. Zhou's relatives, who said that the deceased was involved in the case have been identified over the polnike air max tn ukice, but why prosecutors now only three of which were on file for investigation "Equality before the law, any criminal acts should be prosecuted according to the law."  at a news conference said, "The reason why the prosecutors involved in the police Kwak, Yim two investigation, because we get a comparison solid evidence. We are currently screening the rest of the police one by one, on suspicion of a crime must be punished according to the law, will not be tolerated. "Taiyuan also said the public security organs, procuratorial organs actively

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